Z przyjemnością informujemy o nawiązaniu współpracy z ze Szkołą Medyczną w Języku Angielskim Collegium Medicum Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego w Krakowie. Studentom anglojęzycznym służymy pomocą w zakresie podstawowej opieki zdrowotnej, zaś Dr Katarzyna Nessler i Dr Krzysztof Magdoń prowadzą także z nimi zajęcia.

We would like to welcome students at the Jagiellonian University School of Medicine in English to utilize our services as your official UJ SOM GP office.

Our office team of one female and two male physicians also includes nurses, a midwife, a medical secretary, and pediatricians. As GPs we look after the health of people in our community and deal with a wide range of health problems. Our services include:
 vaccinations
 consultation for health problems
 pharmacological prescriptions for both acute and chronic diseases
 sick leave assessment
 health status examination and documentation for external rotations
 health education
 advice on smoking cessation and appropriate nutritional diets
 simple surgical operations such as suture removal
 annual physical check-ups
 home visits

We also offer lab tests, spirometry, ultrasonography, ECG, and X-ray imaging when necessary. If we cannot address your medical needs through our services, we will refer you to either an appropriate hospital or a specialist in private practice.

We aim to provide same-day health-care consultations when you contact us with an urgent condition. When it is more convenient in non-urgent cases, it is preferable if you can book
appointments in advance. As a courtesy to both your fellow patients and our staff, it is important to either keep your appointment or notify our office if you have to cancel or change it.
Office appointments are available from 8 am till 6 pm during weekdays. The office is closed during weekends and official holidays. Our services are free for students with Polish citizenship and a PESEL number: please simply arrive 20 minutes early for your visit to fill out the necessary NFZ registration papers for the clinic. Non-polish students can use our service by paying out-of-pocket; you will receive a receipt for subsequent reimbursement with your health insurance.

We look forward to assisting you with any medical concerns during your studies in Poland.


Katarzyna Nessler MD, PhD.

Krzysztof Magdoń MD

Tomasz Gruziel MD

data wpisu: 2017.11.07